The Way Back Whens

The Way Back Whens are a brand new old fashioned trad jazz band. Featuring Edmonton’s finest old school players, The Way Back Whens will take you… well, way, way back! Their music is inspired by the work of Louis Armstrong, Bennie Goodman and Django Reinhardt. They play classic tunes from the early days of Jazz in New Orleans, Chicago and New York City.   

Perfect for parades or any kind of celebration that needs a certain something only the very best live bands can provide.
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  • Dan Davis, Clarinet and Saxophone
  • Keith Rempel, Sousaphone and Bass
  • Audrey Ochoa, Trombone
  • Brett Hansen, Guitar and Banjo
  • Jamie Philp, guitar and Banjo
  • Eric Weiden, Trumpet
  • Dan Stadnicki, Drums
  • Barbara Vargas, Tap Dance
  • Sean Bumstead, Trombone
  • Elyssa Moores, Trumpet
  • Jamie Philp, Banjo/Guitar
The Way Back Whens, Live @ Idylwyld Community League

Photo Credit: Eric Kozakiewicz/EFMF

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